Website Not Generating Any Leads?

Let’s fix that. We use SEO and Google ads to help established businesses like you acquire new customers each month.

An SEO Agency Focused On ROI And Customer Satisfaction....Say What?

First and foremost, we’re a local SEO agency actually based in the same area as you. Founded in Vancouver, WA, and recently moved to Portland OR. We understand your needs as an established business that deals with the unique opportunities and challenges that our beautiful PNW home has to offer. 

We are obsessed with helping your business increase traffic and leads generated through your website. With that obsession comes dedication to not only learning our craft, but ensuring that the lives of each and every one of our clients is simplified through working with us. That’s right, one of our primary goals of our completely done for you services is that your life is less stressful as a result of our partnership. 

We’re not your average digital marketing company, here’s why.

Local Business SEO

Portland and Vancouver local businesses are our bread and butter. From years of experience we know your needs and potential opportunities.

Customized Service Packages

Each client has unique needs, so we tailor our pricing accordingly. Yes, we do have our base services because we know what works, but we won’t keep doing anything for your site unless it’s working.

Monthly Check Ins

As a business owner, you want to know where your money is going. We completely understand. Our philosophy is absolute transparency. All of our clients get a phone in monthly check in so we’re all on the same page.

Focused On Actual Leads

Yes, we do love our metrics and marketing jargon. That’s how we got here. But we know you’re focused on revenue. So we are too. 

No Fixed Contracts

We believe that our results should speak for us. You should want to work with us because we’re making you more money. Period. 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

“Ken and his team are fantastic! After being burned by over-priced and under performing companies promising to bring the sun itself right to my door I knew I needed an individual approach that I could afford to build upon over time. Doorbell Marketing has been exactly that. A few months down the line we are up in every metric available and Ken is someone I truly enjoy working with. Very happy with our results!”

– Jon Young
Office Manager of Restore TMJ & Sleep Therapy

“That one client alone, in the first month and a half of having the website fully optimized, doubles what I pay Ken to keep it optimized, so it’s more than worth it, it’s a great investment if you’re on the fence of getting his services.”

– John Welborn
Owner of John Welborn Fitness

Digital Marketing Is Our Super Power

SEO Company - Services in Portland Oregon - Doorbell Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization combines a number of different factors like code structure, content, links, and user engagement to inform search engines (like Google) what your site and business are about. By presenting your site in specific ways and manipulating the way their algorithm works, we gain search visibility for your business through natural (organic) traffic. The goal is to get people who are already looking for services you offer in your local geography, to arrive on your website and then convert into a paying customer. 

It’s not uncommon for a potential customer to look up your business online before buying from you. That’s why having a great looking and useful website is key. You’d want to make a good first impression if someone walked through your storefront, so you should want to do the same with your online presence as well. We take the latest practices in web design and through conversations with you, tailor make a website just for you. Each website is made with plenty of love and care. 

If you’ve ever arrived on a blog or website and expected to be dazzled with a great piece of content, only to be disappointed when you got there, you can understand why content is so important. From your homepage, to video, an email list, and beyond, your brand has a story to tell and it takes multiple forms of engaging content to present that. Having a well thought out, multilayered, and consistent content marketing strategy not only helps attract potential customers, but helps build loyalty and trust as well. 

All about the benjamins. Here at Doorbell we know that you care about your bottom line. that’s why we do too. Whether you need an Adwords campaign, Facebook ads, Bing, or otherwise, our experts will build you a profitable campaign from day one. Our goal is to create the biggest gap between ad spend and your ROI. You will never have to worry about losing money. Think of us as an investment machine, we’ll get you back more dollars than you put in. 

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