Who We Are

Doorbell is a different kind of digital marketing agency. We are passionate nerds with many years of combined experience, who thought we could better serve business owners on our own. Our strategies are data and solution driven so that our clients can actually make money. There is no unnecessary or flashy jargon when we speak with you, just honest and open conversations to grow your business. 

People Matter More Than Metrics

The real world revolves around people. That includes you. As a smaller agency, our customers are our top priority. Your needs are our needs. Second to that are the needs of your potential clients. All of our strategies are user focused, as well as web friendly. 

Real Life Nerds

No joke. We love this stuff. We know all about Google’s algorithm updates and we have plenty of marketing blogs bookmarked in our browsers. Our passion for web marketing knows no bounds, the more we learn, the happier we are.

We Take Our Work Seriously, Not Ourselves

We’re not the kind of company that wants to make all of our clients feel dumb because we know a few things they don’t. Intimidation isn’t our style and there isn’t a pretentious bone in our bodies. Our goal is to work as hard as possible, treat our clients right, and do outstanding work. 

Meet Our Founder


HI. I’m Ken.

Ken is a huge fan of all things web and digital and has over 5 years of interneting experience. He graduated from Washington State University with a BA in Digital Technology and Culture and has always loved working with people and software. 

Ken has worked at a few different agencies and learned a lot along the way. Although, having his own agency was always his dream. He was thankful for the knowledge and skills he learned elsewhere but his passion lies in helping business owners create a web presence they can be proud of, and make so much money that they don’t mind giving him some in return.  The goal of this agency is to provide outstanding service, expert advice, cutting edge solutions, and make people’s lives easier. Simple. 

Ken loves hiking, Google algo updates, a nice med rare Ribeye, coffee flavored Kombucha, being on the beach, and spending time with family and his mates. 


Meet The Team

Elisha Israel

Paid Ad Manger / Copywriter

Elisha Israel is a writer, musician, lifelong creative & serial entrepreneur with a focus on business development. Elisha is passionate about creating solutions for businesses in the digital realm & offers copy writing, Facebook advertising, programs & consultations. With a balanced background in both organic and paid marketing, Elisha is known for direct marketing campaigns with a focus on results.

Nathaniel Watkins

SEO Analyst / Jr. Developer

Nathaniel Watkins has always liked solving puzzles and overcoming dynamic obstacles. When he was younger he satisfied that passion with sports and video games, now he uses it to navigate the constantly changing and updating world of SEO and digital marketing. He has a strong desire to help businesses (especially those of the local variety) reach their highest potential. He believes in putting out exceptional work that showcases a client’s business and helps to exemplify their hard work.

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Let's Get This Party Started

With so much information it can be hard to know how you’re brand and current web presence is doing. That’s why we offer an absolutely free consultation. We’ll go over everything, and even ways to improve. 

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