The Anchor FM Podcasting App Is The Coolest Thing You Don’t Know About

The Anchor FM Podcasting App Is The Coolest Thing You Don’t Know About

If you haven’t heard of anchor FM, it is a wonderfully intuitive app and software that allows you to create, edit, and broadcast a professional sounding podcast.

It’s basically a magic potion that turns you into Howard Stern and Tim Ferriss’ lovechild.

Ok, maybe not that good…

But the app does work wonders.

Created in a New York apartment a few years ago by co-founders Michael Mignano and Nir Zicherman, the app is ridiculously easy to use for anyone with a smartphone, eyes, a brain, and 10 minutes of time.

Anchor’s Awesome Features



The first cool feature of using the anchor interface is the fact that it comes rebuilt with different transition sounds. These transitions can be used as interludes or even endings to your podcast segments.

All of the transition audio is built into the app and they have a pretty good sized library to choose from. You are able to listen to them first before adding them to your podcast stream and even combine them to get the perfect sound for each episode.

Import Some Groovy Tunes From Spotify

You heard me.

Spotify has partnered with the app and allows you to pull in music from your favorite Spotify channel. You can either sync your personal profile or search for songs by name, artist, and more.

The songs are only in shortened clips and are pre-chosen segments, but the fact that you can add in popular music to your podcast makes for a great way to liven things up in between episodes or to set the mood.

It takes out all of the headache (and legal worry) of adding music to your podcast.

Background Music While You Speak

Probably the coolest feature of them all. After you record voice audio to include in your broadcast, you have the option to include background music to your recording.

There is a library of all kinds of different styles of instrumentals to choose from that add a professional feel to your voice and help set the tone of your segments. This feature is what takes this app to the next level.

I don’t know if you’ve ever made a podcast from scratch, or attempted to manually use audio engineering software, but it can be a little overwhelming. Especially if you are a beginner. So the fact that you can click three times to record yourself, choose appropriate music, and splice them together, is a win for everyone.

Recording Audio For Your Podcast

By the way, recording yourself for the broadcast is as simple as pressing a button and holding your phone up to your ear. Exactly as you normally would for a call.

You are also able to speak through the speakers if you prefer a little of an open approach.

What’s great is that the audio comes in surprisingly clear and crisp because it’s through a phone speaker or microphone so you dont have to worry about editing the quality that much.

No more fussing around with finding the right mike, setting up your stand, or worrying about the right recording software. Making your new favorite podcast noise is as easy as pressing and holding that red button.


Call Ins and Interviews

Another amazing feature is the fact that you can have guests call in and leave you audio to include on your channel.

You can ask them to call in or listeners can send in messages on their own.  They send it to you and you have the choice to include this information on your podcast. Or you have the option to conduct interviews over the phone with people in real time and include that on your podcast.

This takes away all of the hassles of setting up a call on a 3rd party platform, doing the interview, getting the audio, and adding it to your podcast. It simplifies the process of including others on your channel.

Shortened Format

The only slight limitation of the app is that these podcasts segments do have to be recorded in 3-minute intervals. However, you can string together as many of the chunks as you’d like to curate a longer and more meaningful podcast.

Overall Review Of Anchor

The groundbreaking benefit of Anchor is the fact that it’s accessible every single person. It removes the knowledge and skill barrier that typically prevents a pursuit of podcasting for most people.

It allows anybody to quickly put together and create a very interesting and engaging podcast all from the convenience of their own phone. You don’t to be an audio engineer or even able to splice together sounds like traditional methods.

It has added another revolution to the way that mass communication is pushed out to the world and consumed as well. Solid A.

As they say, it’s “Radio, Reinvented”. For a treat and some easy to handle tips on better living, check out my channel Modern Mindfulness on your mobile device.

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