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Ken Marshall is the CEO and Chief Strategist at Doorbell Digital Marketing with over 7 years of SEO and Content Strategy experience under his belt. He’s also a husband, lover of creative side hustles, taco fanatic, and a big fan of the outdoors.

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    Everything You Need To Know About B2B Inbound Marketing


    The 5 Elements of a Strong B2B Inbound Marketing Strategy
    Inbound B2B marketing is the polite way to promote your services online. It doesn’t involve unsolicited emails, loud commercials, cold calls, or anything else B2B clients hate.
    Inbound marketing is about how you welcome people who have willingly visited your site. As leads, these people are “hotter.” They have taken the most important step, the step all the obnoxious push strategies are trying to prompt (but rarely succeed). They have expressed interest in what you offer. Now it’s time for you to make them feel good about doing it.

    B2B Web Analytics Implementation Guide

    , b2b web analytics implementation guide

    You may have planned a robust digital marketing strategy across multiple channels. Between paid ads, social media, email campaigns, and content marketing, you are checking every box on the list. But how effective is your strategy? Which channel is producing the most valuable leads? This is where B2B web analytics comes into play. Without knowing […]

    8 B2B SEO Tools That Will Help Improve Your Rankings

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    For a brand to dominate search results, the B2B marketer must understand the tools, how they work, and how to use the data they produce to make informed decisions. This is an iterative process that involves paying close attention to trends and responding accordingly.
    Let’s start with the first steps and work our way through. You might not do these tasks in this order every time, but it helps to see the progression to develop a strategic approach to your site’s B2B SEO.

    How To Determine Digital Marketing ROI

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    There’s no doubt that digital marketing can positively influence your business. It can help with brand awareness, which can produce leads and sales.  But you might be wondering how many sales you can produce with a digital marketing strategy. You might be wondering how to determine your digital marketing ROI and how to improve that […]

    The Ultimate Guide To Building A SaaS SEO Strategy

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    Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, has been blowing up in recent years. There are over 22,000 SaaS companies listed on Crunchbase, operating out of over 100 different countries.  It doesn’t show any signs of slowing, either. SaaS spending is projected to double by the end of 2020. SaaS is becoming the standard in a wide swathe of industries. 73% of […]

    B2B Demand Generation Strategy

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    B2B demand generation is what your brand does to create interest and awareness. Making other businesses conscious of your business is a key factor in leading them to investigate you more and eventually becoming your customer.  Companies existing in the business to business industry often live and die by demand generation. B2B demand generation requires […]

    B2B Marketing Blueprint For Professional Services Firms


    The default strategy for B2B professional services sellers is to call clients directly, set up meetings, and write proposals. That was how it was done for decades, and it worked.
    With all the media clients now peruse, they are more likely to search and discover what you know about them and how you align with their mission. If nothing tells your story the way you want, clients will subconsciouslydisqualify you based on what they find in cyberspace.

    How To Perfect Your B2B SEO Strategy in 2020 & Beyond

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    When it comes to B2B marketing, search engine optimization is more than just a public relations tool. Getting a blog post ranked at the top of Google might be a nice way to enhance your brand’s image among your best prospects, but you need to focus on converting those prospects to qualified leads if you’re […]

    Top 5 Free SEO Tools


    You are a successful service business owner with a website You may have DIY in your blood and think that you know your way around SEO because you’ve been able to do so much on your own so far. A respectable level of ambition, but you may be wasting your time and leaving it on […]

    An Introduction to B2B Content Marketing


    B2B content marketing is the art of drawing business buyers to your brand by giving them access to the knowledge they can use, and at the same time, reminding them that your brand is a reliable and comprehensive source of that knowledge (and more), so they are always motivated to come back for that “more.”
    That’s not to say that to be useful, marketing content must be dry and boring. This is afrequentoversight of B2B sellers– they think that B2B buyers have no feelings about their choices. B2B buyers have plenty of feelings.