Blueback Global Inc.

Blueback global needed a strategic inbound lead generation partner that could help them grow their pipeline with a cost effective and future proof plan.

Company Overview

Since 2013 Blueback Global has helped dozens of companies, from start-ups to major players, to expand their businesses across all continents.

Their International Entity and Outsourced Employer Services can eliminate the time-consuming, complex issues that occur when entering or expanding in international markets.

In partnership with your leadership teams, we provide timely, compliant and efficient management of your resources. Reducing risks, maintaining compliance and saving cost.

Project Details

Industry: International Expansion Firm


Services: Analytics/Conversion Tracking, On Page SEO, Content Strategy, Link Building, Consulting, Technical SEO

Technologies: WordPress, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Data Studio, SEMrush, Screaming Frog

Company Goals:

  • Increase inbound lead flow
  • Leverage and build on existing content assets to improve search visibility
  • Strategic consultant to align multiple department initiatives and help inform future marketing initiatives
  • Increase domain relevance for primary international services

A Laser Targeted Strategy With Majorly Quick Wins

When we first spoke to Ben and the Blueback Global team, we knew we had a great opportunity on our hands. They were a tremendously well established and well respected brand in their industry. The only issue was that the company hadn’t yet found the right search strategy partner and so the site wasn’t nearly as visible as it should have been for keywords they had the right to own. Ben knew that with the right SEO partner, they could capture the traffic and leads from the high intent keywords that were currently just out of reach. So we went to work. 

The following are growth metrics that were achieved just 6 months into the SEO & Content strategy campaign:

  • 80K expected ARR from deals closed from new prospects directly from website during campaign
  • 55.67% YoY increase in organic new website users
  • 133% net increase in page one keywords (75% of searchers don’t go past page 1 for any given keyword result)
  • 10% increase in inbound leads

From The Company

"Ken and his team have been fantastic to work with and have been an enormous help in the past two months."


Ken understood not only our business goals and directives but understood my position and where I needed help. While I was managing two different teams, Ken was terrific for dealing with my questions and repeat queries, as well as managing our timeline and goals. Ken and his team have been fantastic to work with and have been an enormous help in the past two months. Ken is a valuable part of our growth initiatives and someone that I would be ecstatic to work with.

Ben R.

Business Development Manager @ Blueback global

Want to discuss how you can get results like this?

With so much information about digital marketing available these days, it can be hard to know how you’re web presence is doing and whether or not your campaigns are paying off. That’s why we offer custom strategy consultation and roadmapping. We’ll go over everything with you, discuss potential strategies, and even offer ways to improve, right on the spot.