CloudTask was able to double YoY organic users within the first 6 months of the campaign, and rank #1 for one of their most valuable business keywords.

Company Overview


CloudTask is a managed workforce provider for companies looking to increase their sales, customer retention and revenue, through trained and managed teams of outsourced sales, customer support and customer success experts.

They combine technology, processes and first class talent to help their clients deliver results.

Project Details

Industry: Managed Workforce Provider


Services: Analytics/Conversion Tracking, Keyword Research, Competitive Gap Analysis, On Page SEO, Content Strategy, Link Building, Content Creation, Consulting, Technical SEO

Technologies: Hubspot, Slack, Google Analytics, Google Search Console,  Google Data Studio, SEMrush, Screaming Frog

Company Goals:

  • Increase existing search engine visibility around core service offerings
  • Laser targeted content strategy to improve traffic from top of funnel search terms
  • Increase domain and brand authority through strategic outreach and backlink generation
  • Strategic marketing partner to scale inbound lead generation efforts

From First Page To #1

When we first spoke with the Cloudtask team, we were already excited due to the incredible reputation they had already built both offline and online. 

They already had a strong base of incoming organic traffic, but their wasn’t really a cohesive or predictable strategy. However, after just one conversation where we walked them through our initial analysis, opportunities, and strategy roadmap, it was clear that a future partnership was a no brainer. 

From there, the results will speak for themselves. We implemented immediate changes to upgrade the performance of the website, optimized all of their page level SEO factors, created a top of funnel oriented content strategy for the blog, and started a lazer targeted link building strategy to build authority.

The result is that website traffic is at an all time high, keyword visibility is at an all time high, and  they currently rank #1 for some extremely lucrative terms in every stage of a target user’s buying journey. 

The following are growth metrics that were achieved within 6 months of working together on the SEO & Content strategy campaign:

  • 115% YoY increase in organic new website users
  • 230% increase in non branded keyword traffic
  • 48% net increase in page one keywords (75% of searchers don’t go past page 1 for any given keyword result)
  • 283% net increase in organic search traffic cost savings (estimate of how much it would cost to acquire the traffic through Paid Ads).

From The Company

"Their results so far have been impressive."


“Ken has been great to work with. Understands needs and will go beyond the scope of work on occasions to help on projects. They are easy to communicate with. There were some issues along the way however [they] were quickly resolved and the campaign got back into full swing with both parties doing their parts to move things forward. Their results so far have been impressive.”

Wes B.

Marketing Director @ Cloudtask

Want to discuss how you can get results like this?

With so much information about digital marketing available these days, it can be hard to know how you’re web presence is doing and whether or not your campaigns are paying off. That’s why we offer custom strategy consultation and roadmapping. We’ll go over everything with you, discuss potential strategies, and even offer ways to improve, right on the spot.