Happy Hoppers Dance Club

The brand got a whole new look. Along with a clean, modern, and mobile friendly site.

The Happy Hoppers Dance Club is an incredibly vibrant and energetic collection of fun loving and good time seeking individuals with a passion for square dancing. They have a community of dancers who act like family and they provide lessons and group dances to any and everyone willing to join in.

To start with, the website hadn’t been updated in years. Still based in basic html and css, it was maintained in house, but not by professional designers. The design was dark and dreary, and did not reflect the brand as well as it should.

The new site is colorful, informative, and extremely easy to navigate. Users of old and new can appreciate the same style of content as the old website, but with more focus on design and quality content. Also, the club members were trained on how to use the backend of the CMS so they can update the content regularly as they please in the future.

Project Details

Website: https://happy-hoppers.com/ 

Services: Web design, branding, SEO, copywriting

Technologies: WordPress, Google Analytics

Company Goals: Modernize the website, restructure/add new content, and improve user experience

A More Welcoming Experience

The new website represents the fun and uniqueness of the Happy Hopper Dance Club experience. Users are now able to easily find information on dance classes, learn about the Happy Hopper members, and view company documents. 

Add that to a much improved color scheme and responsive website, and you’ve got yourself a whole new user experience. Expertly designed to be good to the eye and to the public. 

With a new focus on content and site structure, the website is now significantly more search engine forward and although this wasn’t a strictly SEO based campaign, it will help attract future web traffic. 

From The Owner

Ken Marshall has an excellent process for working with the client to efficiently develop a new website…my square dance club loves the website; Ken is making me look good!

A Whole New Look

The Happy Hoppers approached us with high hopes to build and design a website that reflected their values. So we did just that. 

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