John Welborn Fitness

A fully responsive, call to action oriented site. Perfectly designed for lead generation.

John Welborn Fitness provides expert personal training, nutrition coaching, and weight loss services for clients with significant weight loss needs. The company has a history of providing incredible service to clients with outstanding results.

The website was dated, not drawing in traffic, and had little information about the products and services that JWF offered. It didn’t reflect the authority and energy that John brings to the table.

After moving over the website to a new domain, developing a more modern, clean, and informative site with CMS capabilities, the JWF website reflects the dedication that John has to his craft. With a responsive design, multiple points of interaction, and an upgraded user experience, the new site is built to last.

Project Details


Services: Web design, branding, local SEO, SEO, copywriting, Conversion rate optimization

Technologies: WordPress, Google Analytics, Moz Pro

Company Goals: Upgrade website, increase appointment sign ups (CRO), generate more organic traffic

Key Results (first 5 months):  406% increase in organic traffic, 216% increase in overall traffic,  8x more leads, 31% more time spent on site.

Local Search Visibility

The old John Welborn Fitness site wasn’t getting much inbound traffic before we started. John, the owner, expressed a strong desire to generate ongoing and non paid traffic to his site. This would extremely beneficial in saving costs down the road of having to continually purchase paid ads. 

With a comprehensive local SEO strategy which includes content strategy, citation management, blog outreach, and more, we were able to get results within the first month alone. 

John Welborn Fitness is currently getting targeted users on a monthly basis coming to his site organically, and are converting into new clients as well. 

From The Owner

That one client alone, in the first month and a half of having the website fully optimized, doubles what I pay Ken to keep it optimized, so it’s more than worth it, it’s a great investment if you’re on the fence of getting his services.

A New Client Machine

John wanted  website that would allow current users to sign up and schedule new sessions, while also generating new and targeted leads for his services. We’d say we accomplished that. Have a look. 

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