Norcal Ag Service

A‌ brand new b2b website with a focus on simplicity + a brand new inbound lead generation strategy = a match made in heaven.

Company Overview

Norcal Ag Service provides bulk organic soils, soil amendments and farm supplies like compost, chicken and cow manure, gypsum, limestone, organic fertilizers, biotreatment soil, road dust control, and other soil stabilization services and products to all of central and northern California communities.

Project Details

Industry: B2B Product Supplier


Services: Analytics/Conversion Tracking, On Page SEO, Content Strategy, Conversion Rate Optimization, Website Development, Content Production, Link Building, Consulting

Technologies: WordPress, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, Screaming Frog

Company Goals:

  • Create long term demand generation strategy (through SEO and Content Strategy) to gain an advantage over competitors not engaged in digital marketing
  • Help CEO boost brand authority with a new website and improved user experience
  • Ensure consistent brand and company information in online ecosystem
  • Increase monthly inbound lead flow

A Brand New Brand Image & More Inbound Leads

Norcal Ag Service always relied on digital marketing and inbound leads as a pillar of their business growth. However, their website was on a hard to use platform, and didn’t reflect the expertise of the brand. Also, it had been awhile since they had an SEO strategy put into place, which meant that it was prime for an overhaul. Together, we were able to rebuild the website from the ground up, create laser targeted landing pages that targeted high conversion intent keywords, and implement the necessary web analytics tracking to accurately determine campaign ROI. 

The following are growth metrics that were achieved just 5 months after the new website and SEO Campaign went live:

  • 154% YoY increase in organic new users
  • 170% net increase in total ranking keywords
  • 100% net increase in page 1 keywords
  • 37% net increase in monthly leads

From The Company

"I HIGHLY recommend Ken and his team."


Partnering with Ken and his company was a very good decision that has helped us get to the next level. If you are a business that needs help maximizing your digital marketing investment, I HIGHLY recommend Ken and his team.

Robert W.

President @ Norcal Ag Service

Want to discuss how you can get results like this?

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