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B2B companies often ask “What’s the point of a content audit?”. That’s a great question. To help understand, consider these questions: How many leads have your blog posts generated this past year? How about demos booked from your solutions landing pages? If you aren’t sure of these numbers, have no idea how well your existing content is performing, or are flat out dissapointed of not getting results with that content, you might need a content audit.

A B2B content audit is similar to any other content audit. You need to 1. Determine your goal for your content types. Is it awareness? Lead Gen? Write these down. 2. Take full inventory of each content asset. 3. Pull important metrics for the asset like page views, conversions, shares, backlinks, etc. 4. Evaluate each based on a set of criteria for determining peformance that maps to the initial objective you set.  The major difference is then taking that content and ensure that it’s mapped to a stage of your target prospect’s buying journey on your website.

Sounds easy right? Well, the process is straightforward, but doing this correctly should be meticulous and involves hours of manual work. 100% worth it, but there are no shortcuts. Remember, 71% of your B2B buyers will conduct online research about your industry and products or services before making a purchase decision. Make sure you have the correct content at the right time that satisfies their needs.

A Bulletproof Content Audit Philosophy

The most important aspect of any audit or analysis process is the system and strategy used to uncover the opportunities. It’s not enough to throw some urls into a sheet, with any metrics you feel like at the time, and guess as to what to fix. 

There are many considerations to make before you even start the process. These will ultimately guide the success of the process. Here are a few:

  • What is the goal? You can figure this out by asking yourself “Once this audit is finished, I will know how to [major beneficial changes] in order to achieve [desired business objective].
  • How many urls or what section of your site do you need to consider? Only the blog? Your service landing pages? This consideration depends on your budget, capacity, timeline, and overall content objectives.
  • What KPIs will we use? To determine how well a piece of content is working, you need to define what “working” means. Is it newsletter sign ups? Conversions? Pageviews? Ultimately, you should choose as many of these metrics as you can think of that would indicate success.
  • What resources are available to us? It’s not enough  to simply suggest content updates for 13,000 pages for 1 copywriter on staff. That would be a waste of time and money. Same with wanting to add video to every blog post with a total budget of $3000. The analysis process should prioritize content updates based on budget, team members, and timeline. 

From there, we work with you to answer those questions, collect our list of urls, and get to work. Our process is done in the same way every time on purpose to gaurantee positive results. 

Focus On Factors That Map To Business Objectives

When you evaluate your content, and when we begin our evaluation, the key is to focus on how your content assets will help your business. Many B2B companies look at resources, blogs, and landing pages as an annoying “nice to have, but not necessary” component of their marketing. The reason for this is because their content was likely created as an afterthought with no strategy.

Great content that is laser targeted to solve your target prospect’s needs and hels move them into a purchase decision with you is anything but trivial. It’s absolutely crucial to today’s B2B buyer landscape. That’s why we work with you to identify what metrics should be tracked to identify content performance and which metrics should be evaulated during the audit. 

Manual and Meticulous Analysis

There are some things in the world of digital marketing that are best left for tools and software to solve, and some need a human brain. This is a situation for a mix of both. In order to gather intelligence on how your content is performing we use a variety of different tools to understand how your content asseets are performing. 

However, at the end of the day, there is no tool on the market that can tell you how well a piece of content answers the intent of a CMO at your list of top 10 prospective companies. Only through working closely with you and your firm can we identify core objectives, and scrutinize each content asset through that lense. Our analysis process is manual because we know what to look out for above and beyond what a tool (however clever and helpful) can tell you. It’s that 5-10% different in specific quality and relevance that separates good content from great. 

Recommendation Implementation

So what happens after we identify the gaps and the analysis is complete? Well, we do what all agencies worth their salt do, we get to work on fixing what’s broken. Methodically, and in order of importance. It’s one thing to “consult” on recommendations, pass along some information to you, and then go on our merry way. Anyone can do that. 

It’s another thing to do the research, analyze the facts, make recommendations, implement the changes, and then analyze your own work for effectiveness over time. That’s what elite content marketing agencies do, and it’s the only way we know how to  deliver.

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