B2B SEO Audit Services

If you’re website isn’t generating the kind of traffic or targeted leads that you are expecting, or if you haven’t considered SEO until now, you’ve come to the right place. The good news is that it’s almost never too late to put a solid strategy in place and begin to optimize your website for search. 

Our B2B SEO audits are a two to four week, in depth process that goes over your entire web presence and takes into account technical, on page, local, and off site factors. We leave no stone unturned, and at the end of our audit process, we leave you with a document of our findings and recommendations for the future. 

We've Got A Beast Of A Technical SEO Factor Checklist

Whether you need to migrate to a new domain or want to make sure that your 20,000 product e-commerce store pages are being indexed properly, we can get the job done. 

We look at over 100 factors that are proven to directly correlate with better rankings and overall search visibility. These include (but aren’t limited to):

  • XML sitemaps creation, optimization, and submission
  • Crawl and indexation errors like 404s
  • Mobile load speed and website performance
  • Url structure
  • Title tag and meta description optimization
  • Subdomain conflicts
  • Information architecture issues
  • Mobile user experience
  • Schema markup

…and much much more. In doing so we gain key insights into the foundation of your site and how it’s seen through the “eyes” of a search engine crawler. This allows us to provide actionable recommendations or implement techniques that will increase how quickly and easily your site is indexed, how it’s understood by search engines, and ultimately, enable  you to increase your overall visibility in search. 

On Page & Content Factors Matter Too

On page factors aren’t dead. These metrics, like your page title, meta information, image optimization, and content structure are wildly important to communicating what you offer. Both search engine’s and your users will need clear signals about your product or service and that’s where these come in. Even though they aren’t always considered “Technical SEO” related, our processes loops these in to view all of our recommendations through a holistic and user friendly lense. Once we find any issues or gaps, we will document the necessary opportunities and improvements.

Penalty Recovery & Major Traffic Declines

Whether you think your website has been hit with a manual action or algorithmic penalty due to participating in some black hat activities or you’re losing traffic due to a rebrand gone wrong, we are happy to help you get things back on track.

Doorbell has developed a checklist and process for evaluating search performance and identifying factors that are indicative of a penalty that also identify common issues of major keyword visibility drops or traffic loss. We’ll do all we can to see if you’ve been affected, what you’ve likely been affected by, and provide insight into how we can  quickly and effectively remedy the situation. 

Implementation Included With Every Campaign

Knowing what’s wrong with your website from a technical perspective is only half the battle. There are hundreds of SEO tools out right now that claim to provide comprehensive SEO audits and reports for your website.

However, that’s where most of these tools fall short. They don’t actually tell you how to implement the changes, how to tell if you’ve implemented them correctly, ensure that the proposed fixes are worth your time, or review if those fixes conflict with other non SEO related aspects of your broader web marketing strategy. 

That’s where we come in. Our team of SEO specialists not only manually perform the audit and analysis, we work with your team until every last recommendation gets implemented correctly. Or if you don’t have a developer or appropriate marketing personnel on staff, we can handle the full implementation for you. After that we’ll use our tools to monitor the issues to make sure they are fully resolved and your traffic and conversions to make sure they are helping your actual business objectives as well. You’re in good hands. 

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