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Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click, PPC, Paid Search, Digital Advertising, this service goes by many names. To us, it doesn’t matter what you call it, we understand that there is only one metric that matters for any local business campaign. Return on ad spend. When you give us one dollar, we want to give you back as many as possible in return. We are Google Ads (formerly Adwords) certified and understand how to structure and build out a campaign so that you don’t waste your money. Pay per click is one big numbers game, sprinkled with plenty of testing and optimization. The good news for you, is that we love all three. If you’re a local business who needs some leads and you need them ASAP, then give us a call. You won’t regret it. 

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Our Pay Per Click Specialties

We know that whether you’re a start up, mom and pop flower shop, attorney, or seriously established national company, your main concern is to make sure your money is working for you. That thought is at the heart of everything we do. Each strategy we put together is carefully crafted to work with your budget, your target audience, and speak through your brand’s unique voice. If you’re a Vancouver or Portland business owner looking to start or overhaul a ppc campaign, here’s how we plan on getting your lead gen up and running.

Google Ads (Formerly Adwords)

As a Google Ads certified company, it’s pretty safe to say we’re comfortable running profitable campaigns. We’ve got a method to stretching those ad dollars. 

Facebook ads allow you to get extremely specific with user targeting. There is also great opportunity to get low cost conversions because of the trust factor of the platform. 

Data Driven

Sometimes in life you go with your gut, with paid search, we don’t do that. Our decisions are based on performance analytics and research. No guesswork involved, only strategy. 

Ongoing Testing

Some companies like to get a campaign going only to set it and forget it. We review performance on a weekly basis and always look to improve. 

Custom Landing Pages

A great search marketing campaign cannot exist without highly converting landing pages. We build them using latest industry practices and turn clicks into customers. 

Campaign Consulting

If you’re not fully ready to hand over the reigns to your campaigns but aren’t happy with your current performance, we can provide insights and recommendations to improve. 

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