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We use battle tested SEO and Content Strategies to help you generate more qualified inbound leads and demos for your SaaS product.

SEO is an absolutely critical to any business, but especially those that are looking to grow steadily, for the long haul, and are aware of spend for each marketing channel. Many SaaS  companies are under the assumption that paid ads, word of mouth, and tradeshows are the only effective channels. But that couldn’t be further from the truth, and here’s why SEO services should also be top of mind.

There are thousands of people searching for answers to their questions, useful tools for their endless problems, and typing in frustrations hoping that someone  can help them. From the interns all the way up to the C level, it is an imperical fact that 81% of people perform a search online before making a significant purchase. It is also a fact that If your company’s website isn’t in the top few results on the first page of Google, then you are missing out on 75% of users for any given search related to your business. 

When done right, the correct SEO and inbound marketing campaign will position you as an authority in your market, increase website engagement for your users, increase demo bookings, close rate, and even customer lifetime value.

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We Understand The Ins and Outs of Software Company Marketing

Included In Every SaaS SEO Campaign

Here at Doorbell, we speak fluent Google and we are well versed in the needs of technology companies. We understand the tools, strategies, and processes that your software company needs to increase search visibility, generate demand, and get more demos. Check out what’s in our SEO toolbelt:


Without hyper relevant and engaging landing pages for your core products and services, you have two options. 1. You will either not bring in potential customers, or 2. They won’t convert once they’re on your site. We can help with that. We will also help create compelling blog content that will build brand loyalty, authority in your industry, and draw in more monthly traffic. 

Backlink Building For Authority

Getting links from other websites is the thumbs up and thumbs down system of the web. Search engines value high quality links, from high quality websites, that come from the same industry as you. We know how to get them. Through guest posting, content outreach, and good ol’ fashioned PR, we know how to get you links.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO is all about factors that your clients and potential customers will interact with. Headings tags, Google approved meta descriptions, title tags, url optimization, and more. We do it all. These optimizations are all about increasing engagement with your site and content.

Technical SEO

We look at over 100 factors pertaining to your website’s load speed, crawlability, code structure, mobile responsiveness, schema markup and more. In doing so we gain key insights into the foundation of your site and how it’s seen through a bots “eyes”. This allows us to provide actionable recommendations or implement techniques that will increase your search visibility.

Our CSI like audit and analysis processes are designed to give immediate and valuable insights into what’s holding your website back from more traffic and more demos. We will perform keyword analysis, gap analysis of current content, competitor analysis, and on page factor SEO audits to ensure that all of your Is are dotted and Ts are crossed.


In order for your business to truly know the ROI on marketing spend, you need to have the correct data related implementations and tracking in place. That involves understanding where dollars are flowing in and out of your organization, having the data in a central location, and being able to extrapolate useful insights from it. We take care of all three for you. 

Results & Client Satisfaction Are Everything

"I would recommend them to any client with a significant need to improve their rankings"


“There are a lot of people who claim to “know” SEO and then there is a subset of those people who claim to be able to “deliver SEO results.” I have spent years doing digital marketing with vendors and probably worked with 20+ SEO firms. Doorbell/Ken were by far the most transparent, most educational and the most professional about their process and results. I would recommend them to any client with a significant need to improve their rankings.”

Lucas s.

Marketing director @ Leadsrx

"The key item that stood out was his focus on provable ROI with our engagement."


“Ken is a master at demand generation & strategy in search & SEO. We used Ken to increase website traffic & conversion for our company and couldn’t have been happier with the results. The key item that stood out was his focus on provable ROI with our engagement. I would highly recommend him for any work for your company.”

Nick Lawson


How Our SaaS SEO Consultants Work With You

We Start By Actually Getting To Know You [Discovery]

Before we tell you any strategy, before we bill you, and before we even decide if Doorbell is the right company for you, we have a phone call or in person meeting. We do this so that we can learn more about your product, your industry, competitors, previous campaign success, and more. All so we can determine if we’re the right fit or not

Then We Take A Look At The Data [Research & Analysis]

Once we’ve got a good baseline for your situation, we start looking for opportunities. When it comes to SEO for SaaS companies, finding the right keywords and content opportunities aren’t always as straightforward as guessing a few keywords and putting them into a tool. Your product might be on the cutting edge and so we have to really dive deep we research your existing keyword profile, target keywords, existing link profile, competitor links, and SERP landscape. This manual process uncovers winning strategies for your specific industry and situation. 

Next, We Custom Tailor A Strategy
For Your Growth Needs [Action Plan]

Now for the good part. After we’ve exchanged pleasantries and reviewed all of the relevant data, we put together an SEO and Content Strategy roadmap specifically for you. This includes a timeline, specific deliverables, expected results, and cost. Once we’re done we present our findings, and once we’ve calibrated that strategy to align with your goals it’s full speed ahead.

After, We Get Our Hands Dirty [Implementations]

We’re not in the business of handing clients a bunch of confusing instructions that they can’t implement themselves. Instead, we do what professional SaaS SEO experts do and get to work. Our firm handles everything from technical seo, content production, on page optimizations, website performance upgrades, and more. If you can name it, we can do it.

We All Live Happily Every After [Results & ROI]

At the start of every campaign we ensure that all relevant web analytics and conversion event tracking is set up. After the implementations, we’ll continue to monitor your rankings, produce top notch content, build new backlinks, analyze competitors, and stay on the lookout for new on page opportunities. SEO never stops, and neither do we. On top of that you’ll get a report and analysis of your website’s performance with key insights from us each and every month.

What are the key elements to a SaaS SEO strategy?

SaaS SEO and inbound lead generation is about more than making sure your keyword density is correct,  putting up a few blog posts, and building some comment links from a PBN. If you’re vetting a parner for your organization, here’s what to keep in mind. 

Technical SEO & Website Support

Anyone claiming to be a “SaaS SEO Expert” should not only be able to assist in content creation and “on page” SEO optimizations (title tags, meta descriptions, schema.org structured data, etc), but in the technical aspects of SEO as well. Related website optimization support includes:

  • Sitewide page speed optimization using Google’s Core Web Vitals as a guideline. 
  • Information architechture and site navigation to make sure that all of your content is Googlebot friendly. 
  • Mobile optimization and other important UX and user engagement considerations.
  • Robots.txt, XML sitemaps, canonicalization, and anything else that affects indexation.
  • Title tags and meta descriptions that are built for optimal CTR.


  • Google analytics and Google search console set up
  • Conversion tracking set up for demo requests, chat bot interactions, subscriptions, and more
  • Ongoing data analysis, dashboards, and data visualization
  • Monthly strategy and reporting calls
  • Keyword tracking and competitor benchmarking

Content Strategy

  • Use Cases. Segementing and creating content for your customers is one of the key ways to meet leads at the beginning of their buying journey. Such as “track how much I spend monthly” if you’re a personal finance product. 
  • Solutions. Instead of having one or two “solutions” landing pages, you should conduct customer feedback, keyword, and competitive research to create an exhaustive list of these opportuities and build out their own dedicated landing pages for each.
  • Industries or verticals you serve. The more specific you can tailor a solution to your target audience, the more likely they will be to convert.
  • Direct competitor comparisions. This can be in the form of a blog, several landing pages (which we recommend if the search volume is justified), or even a chart. Comparison searches are mid funnel, someone knows they want a solution, so show them why it should be your product.

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